The Philippine Edge
  • Competent Filipino Workers
  • Fast Learning Curve
  • Business-Friendly Policies
  • Strategic Location
  • Very Hospitable and Comfortable Lifestyle
Filipino Workers
  • Among the Best in the World
  • Literate, English-speaking, easy to train
  • Hardworking and Friendly
  • In the IT Service Sector, Filipino Workers are considered the new breed of world-class service professionals and are referred to as Global Knowledge Workers because they are intelligent and able to compete at the highest levels among the best in the world.
Very Fast Learning Curve of Filipino Workers
  • 8 weeks (2 months) to train Filipino workers
  • Compared to 16 to 24 weeks (4 to 6 months) to train workers in other countries
Business-Friendly Policies
  • 100% Foreign Ownership of Companies
  • Basic rights of Investors are guaranteed (right to remit profits and pay foreign obligations, right to repatriate investments)
  • Simplified investment procedures
Very Hospitable and Comfortable Second Home to Expatriates
  • Very friendly attitude of Filipino towards foreigners
  • Availability of quality primary and secondary education. Presence of International schools
  • Housing closest to meeting western standards at very reasonable rental rates
  • Best sporting and recreational facilities
  • Many world-class golf courses
  • World-class health care services

96 hours or 4 days to complete the production cycle:

Day 1

  • Japanese or Asian company sends raw materials to the Philippines.
  • Raw materials arrive in the Philippines on the same day.
  • Cleared by Customs on the same day.
  • Received by the Economic Zone Company on the same day.

Day 2 – Day 3

  • Products are manufactured.

Day 4

  • Finished products brought to the Port.
  • Cleared by Customs on the same day.
  • Shipped to Japan or Asian country on the same day.
  • Arrive in Japan or Asian country on the same day.

Many companies in the Electronics and Semi-conductors Sector are able to make a 2 or 3
days turn-around time.

Credits to PEZA Website